'08 Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame

I flew out to Cleveland to see my brother while he was in the Cleveland Clinic hospital.  As he braved surgery and unbelievably deadly health concerns no human in history had ever survived, ... I was looking at Roy Orbison's red Cadillac convertible in the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. --not sure what else to do.

... Tom pulled throug and Bridget and I went to New York later in the Summer.

New York City for 4th of July

Times Square

Grand Central (classic) and the MetLife (modern) building

Yankee stadium, Red Sox vs. Yankees,  the day before the All Star game

How does Okajima even know where he's throwing the ball?!

The awesome Pedrioa

Magnificent Manny

We spent a rainy day at the Cenrtal Park Zoo

"My what big feet you have!"

Explored the aviary

New York City

Actual photo taken while driving through Times Square in my Sebring convertible