'06 Yucatan, Mexico

After a stay in an all-inclusive resort, we rented a large house on the beach in Chicxulub to venture out and visit Mayan ruins in the area.

House on the beach with a pool --fantastic!

We were only minutes from the modern city of Progresso, but traveled a good distance to the old city of Izamal where we climbed pyramids located  in the middle of the city.

Cathedral in Izamal

Chicxulub is where the meteor struck millions of years ago causing the event which killed the dinosaurs.

Many areas are still desolate

Flamingos in the wild

At Dzilam DeBravo, we chartered a boat to visit a wilderness area with more flamingos, plenty of cocodrillos, and a fresh water spring venting into the Gulf of Mexico.

Underground-underwater fresh water spring

Friendly neighborhood cocodrillo

Fishermen of Dzliam DeBravo

Eventually we travelled to Merida where I used to visit back in the early 80's while living in Key West.

Our hotel in Merida

Artwork on the streets of Merida

Traditional Mayan fiesta

Pyramid and ruins of Uxmal

Two-headed jaguar

Iguana up a tree

We drove through a wildrness fire, literally, to visit the caves of Lol-Tun near Ticul.  Fire was completely sweeping across the roadway, no time for photos!

Cenote at Lol-Tun

Mayan sculpture in Lol-Tun caves

New York City

Actual photo taken while driving through Times Square in my Sebring convertible