'11 Final Shuttle, Virginia, D.C. and back to Florida 

On July 8th 2011, Bridget and I went back to the Kennedy Space Center to see the shuttle Atlantis launch on the final STS mission.  We arrived the day before to severe thunderstorms which included a strike to launch pad 39B, fortunately all the action was at 39A.

See how the Shuttle was Prepped for a Launch

We were up and out to Kennedy by 4 AM to catch the
fueling process, but still with a 30% chance of "Go"

Strapping-in Capt. Christopher J. Ferguson

Minutes to Launch and still 30% chance of "Go",
it really didn't look promising.

Still cloudy but a sufficiently high ceiling to light the fuse,
launch went without incident

Current configuration of the ISS as of the shuttles retirement.
Once agin, this was nearly an impossible photo to get
with so many people visiting on a launch day.

The KSC Rocket Garden; Mercury rocket is to the far left, 
Gemini used the tall rocket in the middle,
and Apollo missions used the monster Saturn V laying sideways

Bridget in Engineering aboard the Enterprise (Next Gen.)
checking on the warp drive and core

That's me using a pressure-point hold on a Borg

Next stop ... Lake House in Virgina

... then Washington D.C.

WWII Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Vietnam Wall War Memorial

200 Pennsylvania Ave.

Key West in November

Bridget and I enjoyed
bright, sunny and warm days ... and pleasant  nights

First stop, the Aquarium

Catching up with a local fixture

Mallory Square for sunset, of course.

Key West is so laid back, even the cats don't bother to chase the birds

30 years ago I was singing folk songs abord the Young America on sunset cruises

A stop at the Worlds Smallest Bar

Kiwi adopted us at our cottage across from the Hemingway Home
I nicknamed him Rudy, short for rude kitty.

Plenty of six-toed cats

Sunset from the Top of La Concha Hotel deck

Paid a visit to Capt. Tony's, much of him is still there.

We ate at the corner taco place with a view of both Sloppy Joes and Capt. Tony's

Sunrise at South Beach

Southernmost Point

Off to the Dry Tortugas
You can see the Southernmost Point to the left of Duval St.

Fort Jefferson

Our Seaplane

Sunken U.S. Navy ship

Remember the Maine

Exploring No Name Key by kayak

Watch out for Tree Crabs

Key Dear aplenty

Relaxing at Cheeka Lodge in Islamorada

New York City

Actual photo taken while driving through Times Square in my Sebring convertible