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... Other than martial arts, traveling and photography

Things I do for fun, include ...

Collecting old 45 rpm records to play on my jukebox, a 1962 Princess manufactured by Rock-ola.  Most of the records are classics from the 50's and 60's.

princess2 45s

My first solo jump was in Arizona in Feb. 1992.  Here is a photo from my last jump.


I would love to try this.  I just need someone crazy enough to do it with!

scubadoo dr

Here is Bridget and I on ScubaDoo underwater scooters in the Domincan Republic.

I definitely enjoy solving puzzles and *creating* them.  This picture of the American Falls at the Niagara gorge was not taken from an aircraft or a building, yet I was hundreds of feet in the air at the time.  How did I take this photo?  --no, I wasn't skydiving.

Though I'm not much of a historian, early explorers excepted, I enjoy learning about the ancient native tribes of the Americas.  Here are two photos I've taken of the ancient Mayan city of Uxmal in the Yucatan.

Of course, I've always enjoyed baseball.  This is a photo I snappped of Okajima pitching for the Red Sox at the Original Yankees Stadium on July 4th 2008, just before the All Star Game during the final season of the House That Ruth Built. How does this guy pitch without looking at where he's throwing the ball?!

kw sailboat all

I used to do a fair amount of drawing, always in pen.  This is probably the only sketch I ever did in pencil and the only thing I seemed to have held on to ... somehow. It was done in three separate pieces; sailboat, seashell and wings.  This is what it looks like with all three pages overlayed on each other. The island in the background represents Key West and the direction of travel is slightly west of south, toward Sand Key. Sailing with a college buddy on his boat Valhala was the inspiration for this drawing.

I am guilty of spending more time than is reasonable with Wii Resorts

... and not enough time playing chess, especially 3D chess which I've never lost a game in.

Paintball sometimes goes on my To Do List, if one of my nephews or my neice, Alecia, is coming to visit.

Do you know what this is?

rca spider