Artists I still love; Elton John, Styx, Kansas, U2, Van Halen, ELO, Chicago and America

Yes, I am *still* stuck in the 70's!

Most well-composed song ever

... is Long Road Out of Eden by The eagles


Top vocallists...

Andrea Bocelli

Nat King Cole 

If you generally dislike any updated remix or painfully slowed acoustic version of a great old favorite, you still might enjoy the humor of Louis Armstrong's ...

What a Wonderful World
ala Death-Metal, check it out!


Brian Stetzer Orchestra --the coolest  swing/pop/jazz  fun  ever!

Drum Corps shows --though they're nothing like what they used to be

Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson ...  in a small, close-up forum

The original arrangement of Leonards Berstein's music for West  Side Story. I met Bernstein shortly before he died.  He was quite a character!

Drum Corps. Intl.