'09 Costa Rica

Leaving just after Thanksgiving, we landed in San Jose and immediately travelled to La Fortuna near Mt. Arenal, a live volcano.  Our trip took several hours, often along roads that were sometimes washed out.  At a stop for snacks and drinks we found endless stretching rolling hills, cattle, and a rancher training his show horse.

We stayed at the Mountain Paradise Resort at the foot of Mt. Arenal.  Each day clouds and steam from the volcano's mouth obscurred much of the upper region but I managed to get this one shot during the only clear few minutes the entire week..

That little dot is Bridget on the zip line
   Bridget and I hiked the base of                               I played soccer with the locals
Mt. Arenal and a nearby rainforest

The Restaurant

Some of our many lunch-time visitors

The Pool

Beautiful plants and flowers everywhere

Howler Monkey

Dangerous jungle hike  :O

Deadly Man-eating Blue Ant  :)

Seriously Deadly Jumping Pit Viper!

More Howler Monkies

Our night-time river raft jungle safari began at sunset

Bats and Iguanas

The Lava Lounge, our favorite hang-out in La Fortuna,
sold oringial Costa Rican Cacique Guaro Sours and
Mexican beer from ... New York state!

This day was mostly *rainy* activity

New York City

Actual photo taken while driving through Times Square in my Sebring convertible