Things To Do

Scuba Dive (Florida, Aruba, Australia) --Check
See whales in the ocean (New England) --Check
Ride a sea turtle (Florida Keys) --Check
Swim with Sharks (Florida Keys) --Check
Skydive (Arizona, Massachusetss) --Check
Learn martial arts, become a Black Belt and win a karate tournament  --Check!
Own a convertible --Check, and Check
Fly in a helicopter (Florida Keys to take photos) --Check
Dive in a submarine (Cancun) --Check
Sing in a Rock-n-Roll band --Check, Check and Check
Go to a Broadway show ... on Broadway (Phantom of the Opera)  --Check
Learn to program and trouble-shoot computers of all types --Check, Check, Check!
Play a musical instrument (coronet, piano)  --Check, Check
Learn a foreign language (Spanish) --Check
See Kittyhawk where the Wright Bros. flew --Check
Try surfing (OBX)  --Check
Go to a professional baseball game (Red Sox vs. Yankees) --Check, Check, Check
Go to a professiona football game (Patriots) --Check
Watch a rocket or shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral --Check, Check
Explore caves (NY, NM, Yucatan) --Check, Check, Check
Visit a rainforest (Australia, Costa Rica) --Check
Do the Wild Thing in an elevator --Check   :)
Climb to the top of a mountain (Whiteface in NY, Mt. Washington in NH) --Check, Check
Climb to the top of a volcano (Costa Rica) --Check
White-water rafting (Maine)  --Check
Fly someplace exotica in a seaplane (Dry Tortugas) --Check
Become a Master of Tae Kwon-Do --Check

Still to do ...

 - Bungie jump over a river gorge
 - Try ski jumping
 - Travel into space

Places To Go

Havana Cuba --Check
Niagara Falls --Check
Australia --Check
Rome, Italy, to see the Collesium and The Vatican --Check
Mayan ruins --Check
Grand Canyon --Check
Twin Towers of New York City --Check
Washington D.C. --Check
Florida --Check --Check --Check
China --Check --Check
The Olympic Games (Beijing 2008!) --Check
Suite St. Marie to see where the Edmund Fitzferald was due --Check
Hollywood, to see the walk of Stars and Mann's Chinese Theatre --Check

Still to visit ...

 - Africa and Egypt, to see the Pyramids and temples of Kufu on the Nile
 - Antarctica, to see penguins in the wild
 - Berlin, to see where the Berlin Wall stood
 - Amazon River, to see the Amazon jungle
 - Moscow, to see Red Square
 - Brazil

People to See

 - Elton John -- Check
 - Kansas--Check, Check
 - U2 --Check
 - The Kennedys --Check

Still to see ...

 - A few more friends from high school again

1000 Things to do