Best Job In The World

This is my video application to Australia's Best Job In The World promotion. For a six month period, someone would be selected to live on the Hamilton Island resort --a beautiful place I visited in 2002, and get paid roughly $100,00 dollars to explore and BLOG about the Great Barrier Reef. It was promoted as a caretaker position, but I'm pretty sure more time was spent sipping cold drinks in a hammock by the beach than nursing sea urchins back to good health.

The specs for this video were to keep it under 60 seconds, while making it both informative and entertaining. Did I succeed?  You decide.

TKD Intro

This video was an intro I prepared for the Boston TKD web-site, spotlighting kids having fun while learning self-defense and doing martial arts. The music is cheesy but it was my first attempt with a GarageBand-like tool, and I spent roughly ten minutes from launching the program for the first time to adding the track to this video.

Old School

Here is a video link to a drum & bugle corp --never to be confused with a marching band, known as the Kilties.   They attended the same competitions my brother and I were in when competing with the 76'ers.  Notice how high the feet come up when marking time.  You don't see *that* anymore!