Who Knew?!

After doing a lot of research to determine exactly the car I wanted next, to replace my Sebring convertible, I learned it was virtually impossible to get what I wanted.  The current model of Volvo C70 hard-top convertibles are done in terrible colors --red is closer to maroon, blue is virtually black.  However, a thoroughly exhausting search left me flying to Chicago, catching the blue line from O'Hare, switching on The Loop at La Salle station, heading out of the city on the commuter rail and ultimately buying *exactly* what I wanted from a CarMax  dealer.  The folks there were great!

_____Volvo C70 T5 top closed
My Volvo C70 T5 Edition
Volvo C70 T5
I'm loving this car, especially the color --mid-life crisis red!

Made in one or more of the following 11 countries

Being involved with computers, I've been tasked-out under several projects with clients to conduct in-depth testing on various essential computer components --hard disk drives, memory chips, etc. ... and the most shocking thing I've learned was the quality of U.S. made components compared with other countries. Japan always came out on top with many other Asian countries close behind in various rankings. Despite this, I held a personal pledge to "Buy American" --you know, the whole, jobs thing and helping our eceonomy, etc.

Still, many people I know own foreign autos, (and now I do too) assmebled  here in the U.S., and have had great luck while G.M. and other U.S. auto manufacturers continue to struggle just to stay in business.

Buy American?

Both in 1989 and 1999 I bought American, and have had great luck with it. My Sebring convertible had almost 200,000 miles on it when given to my neice in 2010. It still runs great after more than 12 years!

Which one would you rather ride in?

My Chrysler Sebring JXi convertible

If you picked the Rolls, I hope you and your Grey Poupon enjoy hot Summer rides along the lake with A/C cranked.  I'll let the breeze blow through my hair and enjoy the warmth.

My previous cars were ...

My used '94 Chevy Baretta without a sunroof,
 before that, a new '89 with a sunroof
People would get into my second Baretta and notice something was different.  I'd tell them I had the sunroof removed. :)

My '79 Plymouth Volaré
This car had a beautiful 70's white leather interior. I named it Christine, after the movie, and it actually became a better car the longer I had it. Things just repaired themselves ... as long as I kept the radio on the oldies channel, of course.  No, really!  The door eventually sagged so much it wouldn't close, so one day I wiggled it back and forth until a support bar fell out --the door always worked perfectly after.  There was a bad dent in the rear quarter panel from when I slid off the road in an ice storm, hitting a mailbox.  Eventually the dent wasn't noticeable anymore and I never did anything to fix it! I think this car just simply loved me because I loved it more than my slightly ditzy girlfriend at the time.  She used to try to impress her friends by telling them I drove a "Ferrari"  --a Plymouth Ferrari!

Actual '79 Ferrari
I wasn't dating her for her knowledge of cars, or knowledge of much else for that matter.

'71 Plymouth Fury
This was my first car.  When I bought the Ferrari, I gave this to my sister. She drove it until it caught fire one day.  In fact, she continued to drive it while it was still on fire! She insisted on getting across town to our mechanic ... who nearly died of fright when seeing a car fully engulfed in flames come soaring at him!

Volvo C70 T5 Convertible