China and the Olympics

Acquired food poisoning from a meal at the Toronto airport while enroute for 13 hours to Beijing. Fun! Fun! Fun!

We landed around 4 PM, picked up our last batch of tickets in the city, dropped bags at our hotel, and found our seats at the university to watch the womens' wieght-lifing finals at 7 PM.

We had The Wall completely to ourselves for sunrise before it opened to the public.

The Weiwei Birds Nest

I missed Gymnastics due to sickness, but that didn't stop Bridget.
She caught both mens and womens events.

Temple of Heaven

We saw many track & field events

Russian athlete acheiving new world record for high jump

The Cube where swimming events were held

We caught a lot of Tae Kwon-Do
and fought with the U.S. Olympic Team

We then travelled to Shanghai.  This was the view from our bed,
windows floor to ceiling, overlooking the river.

Opposite view looking back at our hotel and the financial district

Silk embroidery, this is both sides of the same piece.

A silk worm factory outside Suzhou, the Venice of China.

A temple Bridget visited

Our ship on the Yangtzee River

DIning Room

Our servers

Above the Three Gorges Dam

That's me teaching Chinese school children how to do the Hokey Pokey

Boat we took for a tour of the Lesser Three Gorges

Hanging coffins were ancient buriel cackets ticked high into the sides of the gorges where they were only recently discovered when the Three Gorges Dam was completeed and the water level in the area rose.

Three photos demonstrating the power of my camera's zoom

Panda at the Nanqing Zoo

Performances in Xian

Terracotta Warriors of Xian

North of Beijing in the Ming Garden

The Forbidden City

Dragon Lady's marble boat

Flea market on our last day in Beijing.  We were the only round-eyes there.

New York City

Actual photo taken while driving through Times Square in my Sebring convertible