'08 December

Bridget's family on the west coast, Mrs. & Mr. Clause at each end

Santa leading a sing-along  --notice the bow on his boot

Santa's lawn shows what Christmas is *really* about

Santa and his team visit Disney Land

The first stop at Disney was to see Mickey's first motion picture

Thanking Wall-e for all his hard work

Love the photo!  The food?  Eh, not so much.

Had to get a photo of the train, of course.  Does it look like the Silver Streak?

Hopper is recruiting new members to his gang

Exploring the basement of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, preparing for the Tower of Terror ride

Monsters, Inc. ride is down-and-out once again, waited in line (line?) several times with no success

The Aladdin show was very cool

Genie was the best character, of course

It's a SmallWworld Christmas Lights display

Ghost of Elvis in the Hollywood garage checking his look from a car wndow

Mann's Chinese Theatre, a great place to visit.  In the voice of Edward G. "... and you're gonna like it too ... see"

Hollywood walk of fame where even Winnie the Pooh and Yogi Bear have stars

Le Brea ... then ... and now

New York City

Actual photo taken while driving through Times Square in my Sebring convertible