Areas I've done GeoCaching in:

Massachusetts and Cape Cod, Smuggler's Notch Vermont, Syracuse, NY, Grand Canyon, AZ, Fort davis, TX 

Strangest Quest Yet

That's me atop the ruins of an old WWII dynamite factory, once a rock quarry, now a place where ghosts of dead factory workers killed in an explosion carry lamps and other haunting paraphenlia.  This quest takes you inside the stone ruins, exploring underground tunnels --something really tough to do with a device needing line-of-sight to a satellite, not to mention the need for a flashlight!

Terrain is important

This was the starting location of one quest in Vermont.
Make sure your party is prepared for the challenge.

Mynetta doing hands-free cliff scaling,
making sure not to drop the GPS or clue sheet

Sample Log Entry

No, I did not write the poem.  Be sure to browse entries from previous cachers.  They're always entertaining.