'96 Caribbean Cruise

Left from San Juan, Puerto Rico after stocking up on Pepsi and Kaluha

Carnival Cruise ship Fascination

Our first stop was St. Thomas to visit Saphire Beach.

The second stop was for only an afternoon in Guadeloupe.   Wow, these people were *not* speaking French!

Our next stop was Granada, a beautiful island!  We hired a boatman to take us to a nice beach for swimming.  He dropped us at Secret Beach, a small inlet surrounded by high cliffs and thick jungle.

Secret Beach

Great for snorkeling

Onward to Aruba, where I did my first wreck dive.  It was a WWII ship used as a troop carrier in the Normandy invasion.

After Aruba, we sailed to Caracus, Venezuela.  After shopping downtown, we did a tour at a glass factory high in the mountains.

[pic of cathedral on cliffside in Venezuela here]

Upon returning to San Juan, we did a tour to the Old San Juan fort, beaches, and Old Town area to do some shopping before catching a flight home.

New York City

Actual photo taken while driving through Times Square in my Sebring convertible