The Republics Founders and Forefathering Conchs

When a movement was made by the people of Key West and the Florida Keys to secede from the United States, in April of 1982, a necessary step had to be taken to preserve the unity of the citizens of a new and unusual nation.  To avoid a state of anarchy, the following are some of the individuals selected to certain positions of the Conch Republic's governing body.

First Foreign Dignitary -                                                                            Governor Bob Graham

Minister of Fisheries -                                                                               Norman Wood

Minister of Currency & Monetary Affairs -                                         Richard Pierce

Minister of Social Affairs -                                                                       Mufti Keiffer

Minister of Music -                                                                                     Lofton 'Coffee' Butler

Minister of Foreign Trade -                                                                      Johnny Hernandez

Secretary of Navy -                                                                                    Bill Wickers

Minister of Air Transport -                                                                       Dave Merkle

Minister of Development -                                                                       Bill Smith

Ambassador to Miami (in residence) -                                               Jack Snyder

Director of Appointments & Large Affairs -                                      Joe Pinder

Minister of Urban Affairs -                                                                       Roy Grant

Directorate of Highways & Roads -                                                      Toppino & Family

Mass Collections -                                                                                     Joe Labounty


Conch Republic, Founded 1982