Conch Republic 1983 Calendar

Each month of the calendar had a pen drawing associated with my writing. 

Cayo Hueso

Key West had originally been given the name Skull Island.  The reason for this was due to legions of bones and skeletal remains discovered here by early visitors to the island.  These bones were supposedly left from battles fought by the Caloosa Indians against tribes from the mainland peninsula of Florida that invaded their islands.  Also, in respect to the bands of pirates who sought refuge here, the name was certainly an appropriate one.

However, the island became better known by the Spanish name Cayo Hueso.  In translation to English, Cayo Hueso means Bone Key, not Key West as many people still believe.  At one time, Cayo Hueso was perhaps mistaken for CAYO OESTE.  When interpreted, this produces Key West.

There has been as many tales told of KEY WEST as there are stars in the heavens, and this alone is reason enough for acquiring the many names it has.  Yet, the uniqueness of its location is accountable for a number of other titles.  Some of these are The Edge of the World, for it truly sits a considerable distance from the rest of civilization, The End of the Road and The End of the Rainbow, which have been derived from the fact Key West lies far out to sea at the end of the Overseas Highway that stretches across the beautiful waters of the Gulf and the Atlantic.  During its evolution as a major center for international trade, Key West was nicknamed The Southernmost City of the U.S. though it has very little in common with other American cities.

Today, Key West designates the capital of our Conch Republic (established 1982).


Conch Republic, Founded 1982