Marital Arts Hardware

TKD uniforms

Tae Kwon-Do uniforms are easily recogniazble from those of most other martial arts, like various styles of Karate. A Karate "gi" (on right) has two folds that wrap one over the other, where a TKD "dobak" (on left) has a V-neck --it is pulled over the head instead of tied closed. The black collar is worn by a Black Belt student.

Sparring gear

Good sparring gear is both durable and comfortable to wear. A TKD competitor must wear ...

... and a groin protector!

It is also a good idea to wear ... knee pads, forearm guards, and a spine shield that attaches to the back of some chest protectors


Instead of over-the-foot instep protectors, I've found the RingStar sparring shoes to be a good investment. Not only do they offer good protection and stability for the ankles, they are very comfotable.

Boston TKD Academy

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