"Death to Americans!"

Just a couple weeks after the US bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, by accident or otherwise, I was on my way to China for the first time.  Friends assured me I would be dragged from the plane and beaten to death upon arrival.

Protesters in Liu-Kai

I studied Chinese on the plane and had the tremendous luck of sitting next to a woman whom worked as a censor for China Television.  She helped me learn a lot during the flight, and later she and her husband drove me from the Taiwan Airport to the city of Taipei --a much longer trip than you would think.

I attended the Comptex 99 trade show where I  was successful in lining up business deals and product shipping all in the first day.  Everyone was kind and friendly.  One vendor bought me lunch in exchange for simply critiquing his products.

Viewsonic parrots

I spent the remainder of my week exploring Taipei, even taking the bus like a local, hotel staff were amazed an American whom didn't speak or read Chinese could attempt such a thing, much less find success in it.

I visited the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall tomb ...

... and was nearly skewered and trampled by soldiers emerging from an elevator for the changing of the guard

Snake Alley

I tried eel, picked a fresh one right out of a tank,  ... won't make *that* mistake again!

A local exchanging photos with me

Sea of scooters

The parking lot behind the hotel conference area was packed.  Imagine being unable to find your scooter in this!

Koalas on a bus

Quickly snapped this photo of the side of a bus from my taxi while returing to the airport.

New York City

Actual photo taken while driving through Times Square in my Sebring convertible