'18  Winter Olympics in S. Korea and a visit to the DMZ  

Two weeks in South Korea traveling between Seoul, Gangeung and Pyeoungchang.

Korean War Museum
Korea War Museum sculpture

Emperor's Palace
Enter the main gate at the Emperor's Palace in Seoul

Traditional Clothes Day
Traditional Clothes Day at the Palace

Emperor's Court
Emperor's Throne Room

Winter Olympic Tickets
2018 Winter Olympic Tickets

Ski Jumping
Ski Jumper, do you see him?!

Sohurang is Korea's white tiger mascot

Curling was a huge event, Korea's womens team fought for gold but took silver

Ice Dancing
Ice Dancing ... umm, just before the U.S. skating couple fell

Olympic Fans
Oylympic Sports Fans

Kukkiwon School
Working on techniques at Tae Kwon-Do World Headquarters

Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium
Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Stadium

Train at Bridge to No Return
Visiting the 'Bridge of No Return' at the DMZ

Joint Security Area at the DMZ
ROK (Republic of Korea) soldiers watching the border with North Korea.

Korea Map